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The Gurdjieff Books Blog has posted a wonderful and insightful review written by Joseph Azize, highlighting Sufism and the Way of Blame: The Hidden Sources of a Sacred Psychology by Yannis Tousullis, Ph.D.!

“This is an important book: it is the most accessible serious living study of Sufism I have read since Reshad Feild’s The Last Barrier, which features Feild’s teacher Bulent Rauf (under the pseudonym ‘Hamid’). I say ‘living’ study, because it strikes me that its chief aim is not so much to ‘detail the relationship between Sufism and the controversial way of blame’, as the preface might indicate, as it is to communicate some taste of the life of contemporary Sufism. Toussulis achieves this when he presents the interview in chapter 8 with Mehmet Selim Öziç Bey, which demonstrates that there exists in today’s Sufism a beneficent and tolerant spiritual dimension which is suited to the needs of the time.”

Read the full review here.


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Learn more about Dr. Toussulis on his website.

This review was originally posted March 23, 2011.


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