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The Scientific and Medical Network reviewed A Dictionary of Western Alchemy by Jordan Stratford in the Winter 2011 issue of Network Review.


Read the great review via Scribd below.




A Dictionary of Western Alchemy is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.


Visit the author’s website for more information, or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


The new December/January issue of Earth Star magazine contains reviews of three of our 2011 titles and also features an excerpt!



Here is a link to a PDF of issue #203.  You may also view the reviews and excerpt via Scribd below.





Working Class Mystic is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

To learn more about the author, visit his website or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


A Dictionary of Western Alchemy is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound. Visit the author’s website for more information, or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


Red Shambhala is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.  Learn more about the book on Facebook.


A Dictionary of Western Alchemy by Jordan Stratford just came out this November, and it’s already gaining great media attention.

On November 30, The Magonia Review of Books published an insightful review.  Click here to read the review online, or view it via Scribd below.


In the November/December issue of Theosophy Forward, A Dictionary of Western Alchemy was chosen as a Notable Book.  The review reads:

The book under review here is not an introduction to alchemy, but it is an extremely useful compilation of alchemic terms and symbols, explained with admirable clarity. Anyone interested in alchemy for its own sake or as an important cultural stream in Western thought will benefit from having this work to consult. As our friend Stephan Hoeller (Theosophist and Gnostic) is quoted on the back cover of the back cover of the book: “Jordan Stratford’s fine work is precisely what has been missing on the shelf of every student of the ‘Great Art.’ Accurate, insightful, and accessible!”

Click here to read the full review.



A Dictionary of Western Alchemy is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

Visit the author’s website for more information, or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Scientific and Medical Network reviewed two Quest titles in their Summer 2011 issue of Network Review.

The two titles, both of which received great praise, are Politics and the Occult: The Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen by Gary Lachman and Christian Gnosis by C. W. Leadbeater.

Read both reviews via Scribd below.


Politics and the Occult


Barnes & Noble


Christian Gnosis


Barnes & Noble


On November 6th, The Magical Buffet posted an interview conducted with Jordan Stratford, author of our newest title A Dictionary of Western Alchemy.  The interview covers alchemy and Gnosticism, and how each relates to today.

To read the full review, click here.



 To learn more about the author, visit his website.

A Dictionary of Western Alchemy is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

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Christian Gnosis, by C.W. Leadbeater, has been reviewed in the July issue of New Age Retailer!

See below for the review as it appears in the magazine.


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The Divine Seed: The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus, by Pekka Ervast, was reviewed in Issue 4 of The Gnostic: A Journal of Gnosticism, Western Esotericism and Spirituality!

The review, written by Bill Darlison, reads, “Ervast presents a dimension of Christianity which has been forgotten or even anathematized by orthodoxy. He assumes the reality of reincarnation and uses terms like karma and dharma which have disappeared from Christian vocabulary but which need to be revived if Christians want to present a cogent theodicy to the world. I liked this book enormously. It is clearly written, with only the occasional reminder that the text is a translation from the original Finnish. It has a good introduction and useful notes by Richard Smoley, the former editor of Gnosis: A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions. You can read it in an afternoon but its insights will stay with you for a long time. I’m only sorry I came upon the work of Ervast so late in my life, and I wonder just how many other masters of the spiritual life are unknown to us because their works were written in the languages of non-colonial nations.

Read the full review below on Scribd, or get The Gnostic Issue 4 magazine on Amazon!




The Divine Seed is available on Amazon.  Connect with The Gnostic at and on Facebook.

The Gnostic Issue 4 was published in May 2011.

The Gnostic: A Journal of Gnosticism, Western Esotericism and Spirituality has reviewed Dr. Robin Robertson’s Indra’s Net: Alchemy and Chaos Theory as Models for Transformation in Issue #3.

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David V. Barrett ran a feature article on Andrew Phillip Smith and his recent release ‘A Dictionary of Gnosticism’ in the current ForteanTimes magazine, issue no. 260!

Readable tearsheet here:

Andrew Phillip Smith released the first comprehensive lexicon on Gnostic terminology since the perennial heretics came into the scene thousands of years ago. The Gnostics wrote in many languages including Coptic, Greek, Syriac and even some dialects of Chinese. They enjoyed puns and invented words in a way that would make Lewis Carroll proud.”

–Miguel Conner, host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio Show, in his Chicago Gnosticism & Heretical Spirituality Examiner column

Read the entire article here

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WRPI 91.5FM’s Thursday afternoon host Gary Goldberg welcomes Gnostic author and expert Andrew Phillip Smith and Quest Books editor, and former editor of the award-winning Gnosis magazine, Richard Smoley, to In the Spirit.

Airing LIVE 2pm EST Thursday, December 17th
Upstate NY on 91.5FM
Streaming LIVE on the Net

Andrew Phillip Smith is the author of the new release A Dictionary of Gnosticism and publisher of the new quarterly The Gnostic: A Journal of Gnosticism, Western Esotericism and Spirituality.

Connect with Andrew on twitter @bardicpress and on Facebook

Richard Smoley is the author of the new release Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates the Universe. Richard is currently the acquisitions editor at Quest Books and executive editor of The Quest magazine.

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Streaming LIVE on Monday, December 7th!

11am-2pm Pacific
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Rumor Mill News Radio welcomes veteran Gnostic expert Andrew Phillip Smith. Andrew will discuss his November release A Dictionary of Gnosticism! More than a dictionary, this is a perennial almanac and exhaustive mini-encyclopedia of Gnosticism. From Simon Magus to the Matrix, from the Ophites to the Mandeans, from the Naasene Sermons to the Gospel of Judas.

Listener Call-ins: 1-888-747-1968

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This week’s feature interview is Andrew Phillip Smith, author of A Dictionary of Gnosticism.  Andrew returns to Sphinx Radio to discuss his November release and his new journal The Gnostic!

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QUEST BOOKS is excited to announce our new release: A Dictionary of Gnosticism by Andrew Phillip Smith!!!

Blockbuster films like The Matrix and Stigmata have helped fuel the continued fascination with Gnosticism. Although The Matrix conveys complex concepts like “archons” and “dualism” with marvelous simplicity, Gnostic texts do anything but. Curious new students of Gnosticism find they are swiftly bombarded with numerous foreign, often un-translated, and barely pronounceable terms like Acinetos and Deitharbathas. Now for the first time, a comprehensive guide to all aspects of Gnosticism and related spirituality is available to the public in a straightforward dictionary!

An amazing storehouse of information, A Dictionary of Gnosticism contains nearly 1,700 entries, from Aachiaram, an angel in the Secret Book of John, to the Zostrianos, a third-century Gnostic text that recounts a series of revelations on the successive stages of the soul’s ascent. With an easy-to-read introduction explaining who the Gnostics were and what Gnosticism is, Smith delivers a whirlwind tour through the ancient and diverse history of this captivating movement!

Andrew Phillip Smith is editor of The Gnostic magazine and author of over half a dozen books on apocryphal scriptures, including The Gnostics : History, Tradition, Scriptures, Influence and several books in Skylight Paths‘ annotated and explained series:  The Lost Sayings of Jesus,  The Gospel of Philip, and Gnostic Writings on the Soul.  

This book is the answer to the prayers of students and practitioners of Gnosticism from far and wide. Andrew Phillip Smith has given us a readable, informative and accurate compendium of words, names and concepts of Gnostic interest that will be welcomed and used abundantly.
Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, Bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica and author of Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing

Not only is this an excellent aid for anyone trying to make sense out of the complicated cosmologies and scriptures of the ancient Gnostics, but it also provides an overview of gnostic movements and mystics down through the centuries.
Jay Kinney, author of The Masonic Myth

A long-awaited and indispensable grammar of classical Gnosticism – essential for any serious student, and a practical gem for the curious.
Jordan Stratford, author of Living Gnosticism

More than a dictionary for reference and research, this book is an index of ideas and suggestions. Readers interested in Gnosticism and related alternative religions of earlier times will find a whole host of new ideas and leads and directions for further inquiry. Think of the book as a thousand starting points for your explorations into spiritual unknowns!
Stevan Davies, Professor of Religious Studies, Misericordia University and author of  The Secret Book Of John

A Dictionary of Gnosticism is a valuable resource for any student of Gnosis. If you need a helpful translator of the language, or a sympathetic guide to the beliefs of these extraordinary women and men who lived a long time ago, in a world far, far away, then this is the book for you. Think of it as the ‘Lonely Cosmos Guide to Gnosis’, and always pack a copy when you are setting out for that strange and exciting country. Have a great trip!
Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, authors of The Jesus Mysteries and The Gospel of the Second Coming

For more info visit
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Buy now on Amazon and in better bookstores everywhere!

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