The Power of the New Spirituality: How to Live a Life of Compassion and Personal Fulfillment by William Bloom  has received a great review from Booklist.  The review, which can be read online here, says:

According to Bloom, “the new spirituality” includes elements not present in more traditional religious doctrines, such as stewardship of the environment and self-regulation of mood and behavior—the application of knowledge gained from the study of psychology. Championing these points, Bloom declares himself an advocate of a more generalized spirituality that includes elements from a variety of faith traditions but also applies new knowledge and allows flexibility for operating in an ever-changing and pressurized world. The child of intellectual humanistic agnostics, Bloom found himself both perplexed and intrigued by his father’s Jewish roots and mother’s Lutheran background. In working that through, he discovered a hunger for understanding the values of numerous faith traditions—forgiveness, compassion, thankfulness. The investigation gave Bloom the underpinnings that led to this offering of the best of both worlds, old and new.

— Susan DeGrane


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