Growing into God: A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Mysticismby John R. Mabry has been reviewed in the September 1 issue of Booklist. Read the review below!

“In this outline of practical mysticism, pastor and spiritual-guidance educator Mabry soft-pedals the palsy-walsy-ness that often makes writers in his professions oleaginous for a more useful approach. He presents the mystical journey in the progression of stages and interregnums developed by Christian mystics from Origen to Evelyn Underhill: Awakening, Purgation, the Dark Night of the Senses, Illumination, the Dark Night of the Spirit, and Union. He discusses what great mystics have said, out of experience, about what the stages are like, humanizing each with pastoral humor, and including in the chapter on each a brief sketch of a figure whose mystical journey is famously associated with it, such as St. John of the Cross with the Dark Night of the Spirit (for Illumination, there are two, George Fox and Meister Eckhardt). Generous portfolios of questions and answers on each stage and night and of great mystics’ words on each, guidance on specific spiritual practices, and two appendixes on other conceptualizations of the mystic’s path fill out a superb common-language primer.”

 — Ray Olson



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