New Mexico magazine published a wonderful review of Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth by Dana Micucci.

The review reads:

Travel is a restorative, but it is also an opportunity to broaden our horizons and delve into our most authentic selves. As New Mexico resident Dana Micucci observes, “In a society shaken by uncertain times, the search for meaning has become increasingly urgent and necessary. Travel is one of the most powerful ways to deepen that search. It broadens our understanding of other cultures, beliefs, and wisdom traditions and teaches us ultimately about ourselves—what attracts and repels us, what we want, who we are.”

In Sojourns of the Soul, we travel with Micucci to Australia, Cambodia, Egypt, Tibet, the Yucatán, Peru, and New Mexico. But we also accompany her on a “souljourn,” taking in the spiritual lessons of each location. Micucci’s journey tracks with the seven spiritual centers of the body called chakras. Her trip to New Mexico chronicles a curative visit to Christ in the Desert Monastery. Though reluctant at first, she delves into the monastery’s life, from uplifting hikes to the ritual of prayer. Micucci’s journey will inspire your own—whether it takes you around the world, or just to New Mexico for a bit of our healing magic.

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