The Magical Buffet has posted a fantastic review of G. Randy Kasten’s new book Just Trust Me: Finding the Truth in a World of Spin.


The review reads:


And what a fascinating book it is! Kasten examines in detail different types of lies, and there is a rainbow spectrum of lies out there. But “Just Trust Me” is about more than just politicians saying they didn’t have sex with that woman, or your friends telling you that your outfit doesn’t make you look fat. Kasten discusses bias, stereotyping, how the media works, advertising, and more! He doesn’t just stop there. He gives you the tools to look for deception, be it while listening to a news broadcast, or talking to a family member. There is more than just pure information that makes “Just Trust Me” a good read. Thankfully Kasten writes in a straight forward, easy to understand manner. You don’t need a background in law to understand him. No legalese here. Also, the book isn’t frightening. “Just Trust Me” could easily have been panic inducing. 280 pages of lies, lies, lies….they’re EVERYWHERE. Instead things are discussed in a level headed manner. Although, your mind will probably be blown on more than one occasion as you realize, I do that, or I’ve experienced that. Humans are a strange animal indeed, and these are truly some of our strangest times.


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The review was originally posted on September 10, 2011.