The June issue of Midwest Book Review includes a sparkling review of Embodying Osiris: The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation by Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D.!

The full review, as published in Volume 6, Number 6 reads:

Embodying Osiris
Thom F. Cavalli
Quest Books
c/o Theosophical Publishing House
PO Box 270, Wheaton, IL 60187-0270
978083560880, $15.95,

Alchemy has left behind its state as a pseudo-science only to come back out as a spiritual journey. “Embodying Osiris: The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation” is a meeting of disciplines, as Thom F. Cavalli twists the ideas of Jungian psychology, Alchemy, and mythology together to present one discussion of philosophy and channel the very spirit of reinvention and self-renewal. With plenty of intriguing thoughts and theories, “Embodying the Osiris” is an excellent addition to any psychology and spirituality collection.

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