Theosophical Network member and blogger Rene Waldow has published a thought-provoking review of Robert Epstein’s The Quotable Krishnamurti.

“At each step toward deeper awareness, Krishnamurti highlights the difficulties, how we are unaware of distortions, how wanting to do good, we create new distortions.  He does not give direct advice on how to go beyond the distortions. The hope is probably that by being more aware of the subtle types of distortions, we will not fall into the traps.  Awareness may lead to a disintegration of the distortions.  Beyond the distortions, there may be something we might call ‘reality’ or ‘the way things are’, but even that is not sure because if anyone has reached that stage, he has not come back to describe it.  Thus the one ‘oneliner’ remains the key to the talks ‘Truth is a pathless land.’”

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This review was originally published on May 11, 2011.