Banyen Books & Sound has posted another great review of one of our Spring 2011 releases!  The Quotable Krishnamurti, edited by Robert Epstein, comes out this June.  Here’s what the folks at Banyen have to say:

Truth is a pathless land; you cannot approach it by any religion… My only concern is to set men absolutely free.” So said Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. Born in India in 1905, as a teenager he was groomed by Theosophists C. W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant to become the next World Teacher. Yet later he broke from his mentors, refusing to play the messiah. For nearly 60 years Krishnamurti traveled the world over, urging all humans to pursue their own, individual freedom without dependence on any doctrine or organization. He passionately rebuked violence, decrying both goverments and organized religion, insisting they result in conformity, division and fragmentation, rather than harmony.

“God is disorder,” Krishnnamurti once remarked during a talk. He shocked many in the audience. It was a shock designed to jolt us out of the consensus trance we typically inhabit until our graves. In your hands is a collection of insights and truths, originating in love and compassion, to jolt you into full attention.  Krishnamurti was awake; will you dare to join him in wakefulness and make your own revolution?   —Robert Epstein

Robert Epstein has culled key quotations from Krishnamurti’s talks and writings. Conveniently organized from A to Z, topics range from acceptance and anger to consciousness, fear, fulfillment, God, hope, joy, love, nonviolence, reincarnation, relationship, self-understanding, sex, suffering, vegetarianism, war, and wisdom. “You are the world, and the world is you,” said Krishnamurti. “If there is a radical transformation in the structure of an individual’s psyche, it will affect the whole consciousness of man.” This small jewel of a book contains enormous power to inspire readers to just such a change.

When you are open, there is unending help in all things, from the song of a bird to the call of a human being, from the blade of grass to the immensity of the heavens.


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