The New Age Blog reviewed Patrice Chaplin’s September release

The Portal: An Initiate’s Journey into the Secret of Rennes-le-Château!

The Portal by Patrice Chaplin is a multi-layered read, the levels of which are still making themselves apparent, even days after I turned the last page. On the simplest level, it is beautifully written, the author being superbly adept at never reminding the reader that they are in fact, reading a book. It feels as if we are actually on a journey with her, frightening at times, and always breathtaking, through the countryside of Spain and France. We live vicariously through Chaplin and her vulnerabilities as we accompany her on this quest that pushes her to the edge of what she knows, and what she believes she is capable of. We feel her frustrations and celebrate her courage.

Genia Stemper, Book Reviewer, The New Age Blog

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