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 Airs January 9-10

Although still a major cultural figure, even as his legacy slowly fades against an extroverted society of shallow artistry, few people realize that John Lennon was one of the great Spiritual Seekers of our days.  He was a tireless searcher of deeper truths and reality who explored various religious and philosophical traditions, experimented with varied Esoteric Mysteries and psychological theories, expressing it all in code through his timeless music and art.  Lennon also considered the Gnostics the true Christians, as well as embodied the soul of the ancient Stoic, Cynic and Platonic Philosophers.  We acquaint ourselves with a perennial Mythmaker who made sense of a post-modern and existentialist civilization.  We study a life full of tragedy and triumph, and a man who, in the Gnostic spirit, was never satisfied with either. And how his message and life can help us find our own meaning and own gnosis. 

Miguel Conner, host of Aeon Byte

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