The October issue of the American Tarot Association’s online journal, Tarot Reflections, interviews Paul Quinn, author of Tarot for Life: Reading the Cards for Everyday Guidance and Growth.

Interview with Paul Quinn:
“Mystery is Soul Nourishment”

“Paul Quinn might be new to book writing, but he’s no stranger to Tarot. An intuitive counselor and gifted writer who has taught and read tarot for the past eleven years, Paul’s debut on the publishing front was pretty much inevitable. His work—Tarot for Life (Quest Books, 2009)—is reflective of his personal vision of mystical practicality. Offering easy to understand real-life applications while at the same time delving deep into the sacred nature of the cards, the book is a double take on Tarot, inspiring even longtime readers to take a fresh look at the craft. We thrive on discovering new talents, and when I came across Paul’s work at INATS-West this past summer, I knew right away this man is something special.”

–Melanie Marquis

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