On Gardiner's WorldPatrice Chaplin, author of City of Secrets: One Woman’s True-life Journey to the heart of the Grail Legend will appear on Edge Media TV twice on Wednesday, October 14th!

Patrice’s double feature kicks off with the latest episode of  Gardiner’s World! Patrice’s close friend and colleague Andrew Gough will interview her for an in-depth discussion of the Holy Grail, Kabbalah, and the ancient Catalan city Girona!

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Immediately following,  Edge TV launches the premier airing of Carrie Kirkpatrick’s  enigmatic documentary Mystical Legends – Girona, A City Of Secrets. Carrie explores the city of Girona in the footsteps of Patrice Chaplin, author of City Of Secrets. Girona is a major Jewish historical site but secret rituals link it with the Holy Grail.

Airing Wednesday, October 14th

Broadcasting in the UK on Sky channel 200 – Controversial TV

Streaming LIVE on the internet at edgemediatv.com

Gardiner’s World–6pm London; 12pm Chicago

Mystical Legends–7pm London; 1pm Chicago