The latest issue of UFO Magazine features Patrice Chaplin in an intimate interview. Patrice and UFO Magazine’s Sean Casteel discuss the otherwordly origins of the legendary Holy Grail.

When asked the obligatory question: “Does this have anthing to do with aliens?” Chaplin responded by saying that aliens, as she understood the term, are able to walk through portals and arrive on this planet in a manner similar to Magdalene.                       pc_painting

“I have been told that the Grail material and the initiates’ journey had been handed down from before the time of Atlantis by intelligence greater than ours. Cabbala experiments do lead to transformation and to experiences with many entities that are ‘other than us.’…I understand that the cup is made of the highest form of gold, a white powder which is mentioned in the Bible. Also other materials from ‘elsewhere’ which may or may not survive this atmosphere.” —excerpted from  Chaplin’s Love Affair with the City of Secrets by Sean Casteel, UFO Magazine

You can read Patrice Chaplin’s Love Affair with the City of Secrets by Sean Casteel in UFO Magazine Vol. 23, Number 10, Issue 151.

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