Politics and the Occult:The Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen, by occult writer and Blondie founding member and former bassist Gary Lachman, is this month’s latest review on the reflective, witty blog A Robot, I Am Not.

“When most think occult politics, they think the overblown claims of Nazi Occultism and the Thule Society…Lachman debunks these fantastical claims by laying down the actual (and much less colorful) history of the Thule society…Lachman closes the book with some of his own thoughts on “illuminated politics” in the current years. His concerns about American Fascism are not overblown or misplaced. When the majority of a country is expecting a rapture or deliverance from above, its desires could be easily manipulated by overzealous demagogues…When a society is desperate it may look to any alternative that combines religion with political solutions.”
–JRITCH, A Robot I Am Not

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