white letters are fun white letters are funwhite letters are According to Stan Schroeder of Mashable, “2009 is the year of social media.” We couldn’t agree more. Quest Books staff have been longtime fans of social media, and have decided it’s about time to make it “official”!

The newly launched Quest Books Fan Page on the leading social network, Facebook, will put even more of its authors and readers in touch. Quest Books is a MySpace veteran and has postings on both Twitter and our recent Facebook Group, but with Facebook’s 200 million users taking a giant lead over MySpace, the official Facebook fan page was clearly the way to go.

Our fan page offers Quest Books readers the chance to keep up with all the new titles, to post comments, and to interact with fellow fans. This fan site also allows our authors who are on Facebook the opportunity to post comments and events, and interact with their particular fan base. The site features an RSS of our publicity blog, discussion board, and regular updates sent to our fans’ notification boxes.

If you’re on Facebook, becoming a fan of our official page is easy! Click here and then click “become a fan”. See you on Facebook! 😉